August 2000
25 August
'Scrooge' on UK TV this Christmas and Lear for US TV
A Christmas Carol An interview with Stewart in the Sunday Herald newspaper reveals that Channel 4 television will be premiering Patrick's wonderful version of 'A Christmas Carol' as their flagship programme this Christmas in the UK.

The article also hints that Stewart may now play the role of 'Lear' in his next TV production, 'Boss Lear' due to begin filming in October. 
The story is an adaptation by Stephen Harrigan -author of the novel 'Gates of the Alamo' - of Shakespeare's King Lear set in 1841 on a vast Texas ranch.

Originally Gregory Peck was to have starred as Lear in the co-production between Stewart's 'Flying Freehold' company, Robert Halmi Snr's Hallmark Entertainment and TNT television in the US - the same team who brought 'A Chistmas Carol' to US TV viewers so successfully last year.

Thanks as ever to fellow PSASmember Aline Davis for spotting this

23 August
UK Interviews round-up
Interview round-up Whilst over here in Blighty for the UK premiere of X-Men - which had the biggest weekend opening this year with a whopping £4.8 million - Patrick popped up in an assortment of  BBC radio shows, TV and newspaper interviews. 
Here's a précis of what was gleaned from these articles:

Sequel to X-Men? - "..the cast are contracted for another film"  - the studio (Fox) will be watching world-wide receipts before committing.

Star Trek 10 (X)? - ."..a story outline by 'Gladiator' screenwriter John Logan has been written" 
(With a possible actors strike looming for next year, Paramount and the rest of the studios have a tricky situation to resolve).
If made this is "likely to be the last for the TNG team..."

Playing the next Bond baddie? - "No truth in that as far as I am aware" 

Appearing in the Harry Potter film? - "No longer any truth in that rumour..."

Returning to the stage in the UK? - plans to return for a 'major' theatre role in 2001 "to re-estabish myself in Britain..." Read more from the Sunday Times interview

What he misses most about England - "the landscape" and "...the English subtext"

On typecasting - "...a lot of people, particularly in feature films, don't want to cast an actor who is so identifiable with a role and a genre..." 

BBC make Stewart documentary
  As part of their 'Best Of British' series which will air this Autumn in the UK, the BBC have made a documentary (not before time we may add!) about Stewart's 40 year acting career in theatre, film and television.
Thanks to those fans who responded to the editors plea, the Beeb now have the information they needed to complete the programme.
Broadcast date (to be confirmed) will be some time in November....
Stewart in Tussauds
  Patrick may not spend as much time in the UK  as he would like these days but fans can now see him, or at least his waxwork model, in Madame Tussaud's in London...
Stargazers - Where are you now?
  The editor is looking to contact any former UK members of IAAPS.
Please e-mail
7 August
Stewart to attend UK X-Men Premiere
Virgin's official X-men web site Patrick will be attending the UK premiere of X-Men on Tuesday 15 August at the Odeon, Leicester Square, London.
As yet there's no update to the premiere section on's X-Men site but keep an eye on it this week...

For German fans, the premiere of X-Men will be two days later on Thursday 17 August in Cologne.


'Potter' film role?
  Recent news in 'People' magazine stated that Patrick is in the early stages of negotiations for him to appear in the upcoming  'Harry Potter' film....